Lesson from ISO 22000...Tasteful Top Management can make things different

The chief chef of French restaurant "Chez Ken" and CEO of the food factory to supply their cuisines throughout Japan spoke about how he overcame the challenge of maitaining the original taste of roast beef while complying to the safety standard. The spirit is what we need to establish ISO 50001 class EnMS operation from the top managements

Following article was an excerpt from the "ISOS Diary" of Yusaku Nakao, Corporate Officer, Management System News Inc., publisher of ISOS

We visited a French restaurant "Chez Ken" Wakamatsu (Chiba prefecture), and interviewed the chief chef and CEO of Chez Ken Corporation, Ken Yamaguchi. Since the ISOS magazine is involved, obviously it is an organisation having ISO certification of some kind. The new French cuisine head factory (Opened in October 2011) was awarded with ISO 22000 certification, International Food and Safety Management System Standard, together with ISO/TS22002-1 benchmark prerequisite programmes on food safety -- Part 1: Food manufacturing in April this year, the first by a French cuisine factory in Japan. Certifying body was Bureau Veritas.
Ken Yamaguchi stated "For food factories using machines, HACCP alone can cover, however to educate and raise our people to properly responding to the food safety matters, ISO22000 and ISO/TS22002-1 were inevitable" (Full story in ISOS New Year edition, release for sale 10 December 2012)
From "ISOS Diary" 20 October 2012

Food factories complying to HACCP When making roast beef, typically they follow the “75ºC(167ºF) for one minute” rule for thermal sterilization. "The fine delicate taste of roast beef will be lost under such condition" said Ken Yamaguchi. Recipe and Cooking criteria at Chez Ken Corporation is a corporate secret. They accumulated cooking data and repeated numbers of validation process to establish management criteria based on scientific evidence which enable them to serve the roast beef under acceptable thermal condition while maintain the delicate taste of originality. With the management method, the factory was successful in obtaining certification of the ISO 22000 and ISO/TS22002-1. “HACCP is effective standard, but if you are so particular about taste, it has to be ISO 22000” said Chef Yamaguchi.
From "ISOS Diary" 19 November 2012

This story raises an interesting aspect to the ISO 50001 followers with a common key element: "Top management thinking". With Ken Yamaguchi's statement about his dedication to ISO22000 and ISO/TS22002-1, it induces appetite that you want to visit Chez Ken and try their menu. ISO 50001 also requires similar tasteful top management thinking to persuade the workforce to believe ISO 50001 enhances organisation's energy management system operation that would lead to efficient operation, profit gain and to push up company's business positioning.
Quite often we were asked by person responsible for EnMS “How do I persuade and make the top management appreciate about the superiority of energy management?” Our typical answer is “No need to persuade. Superior company like yours, the top management should well aware of the energy management strategic importance, and sure would address your concerns”. In other words it means “If you really are in the position to persuade, the company needs the top management who can persuade and make your workforce appreciate how important energy management is”


































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