Documentation is key to the ISO 50001 certification.

Strong documentation, a foundation to successful energy management operation

The heart of ISO50001 certification is to certify that you have thoroughly documented the way that organisations do things, and that organisations' workers actually do things in the way that was documented. This means the documentation plays the most important role in ISO50001 certification process. Establishing sound documents and the proper control of documents are essential in order for maintaining, communicating and further improving the management systems with all people involved. The guideline and provisions defined in the charter document should address proper handling of documents including defined structure and procedures as EnMS documentation.




It is through Energy Management System (EnMS) documentation, energy performance improvement can be pursued and verified...This is the beauty of ISO 50001!!

If you appreciate the content of ISO 50001, then you come to realize that...

ISO 50001 is not at all particular about the "certification".

ISO 50001 is particular about "Improving your energy performance"

It strongly recommends to take the essence rather than formality.

So, what is the “essence”?

It is to ensure adding value to your business and its sustainability by improving energy performance in your operation.

So then, exactly what is ISO 50001 requiring?

Nothing. It is to promote the mission that each organization has: "Sustainable business development" through achieving the energy performance improvement objectives and targets, as a result of implementing the energy management system in line with the business operation. This is ISO 50001's aim and hope.

So then, how do you proceed with the ISO 50001 EnMS operation?

Top management must lead, appointing influential management representative "person responsible for energy management (PRF) or EnMS champion", to run an aggressive EnMS operation with all people involved under the effective EnMS structure.
However, the operation requiring all people's involvement with a proper teamwork requires adequate documentation to ensure people sharing common information and knowledge.
In EnMS operation, without proper documents, actions are vulnerable.

Did you know there is such a handy document at your service?

●  It is ready to use ISO 50001 compatible charter document for EnMS
●  “Person responsible energy management operation (EnMS     Champion)” is the document author.
●  The document is written around an actual business entity thus
    powerful in reality.
●  It an ideal reference document in structuring and establishing
    ISO 50001 EnMS operation.
●  It is provided in the "word-format" so that you can creatively add,
    delete, revise and alter to your organization specifics
    to come up with your own charter document that is much
    more than the original one .
●  And provided that the document structure is maintained, you are
    always ready for ISO 50001.

EnMS document producer at your service

EnMS-Doc specialises in EnMS documentation. We offer "guidebook + templates in one" as well as creating and developing documentation system tailored to the energy user organisation. For the occasion of ISO 50001 being launched, we have made templates for the key documents that should be at least prepared by an organisation if considering ISO 50001 certification. We have prepared introductory information package for the familiarisation of ISO 50001 and why the documentation is so important. If you are interested, please download "Practical Guide to ISO 50001 Energy Management System" (pdf file)

"guidebook + templates in one" concept...Learn more...

12 Key documents essential for ISO 50001 compatible EnMS operation

The 12 key documents offered are made based on an actual business entity and so it is powerful and real. At the same time, the contents are flexible in the nature that can be applied to any industry, factory and commercial building.
In creating the 12 key documents, the top management, PRE (EnMS champion), CEM and legal& administration manager are responsible.

...and of course any person involved in EnMS operation must read these documents.

Have these 12 key documents on your line up, ensuring effective EnMS operation








Our mission #1

To provide guidebooks for ISO 50001 related documents which also serve as template for creating document

Our mission #2

To broaden association with organisation or individual involving EnMS in compliance with ISO 50001

ISO 50001 Self-declare Workshop session in KL, Malaysia 25-27 September

Coordinating Japanese sustainable company business discovery mission to the UK

"All 12 documents in a set" Economical price on sale making ISO 50001 "self declaration" within reach.

EnMS-Doc Document set also available from the Kankyo Business mail magazine.(in Japanese only)

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We are closely following the development of the UK leading EnMS solution software.

Open source economic paperless EnMS operation tool is very useful to utilise our documents.

We are following EnMS and Sustainability progress in Ireland thru SEAI.

We are following the progress of the SEP programs promoted by USCEEM.

We are keeping our eyes on the GSEP development under the CEM

We learn a lot from this ISO dedicated publisher website
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We benefit a lot from real time information blog pages provided by Mr. Nakao (only in Jaoanese)

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