Current MCO is valid until end of April, however we sense the situation in Malaysia is quite under control...

We can imagine many of you are thinking of the timing of the removal of MCO, and the follow up measures...

Post-MCO is the most important period requiring individual responsible attention when returning to the operation. One of the measures is to monitor the temperature of your employees, and Nipco would like to offer a solution of using Thermal Imager in monitoring body temperature.

This application is not to halt human movement to measure the body temperature. This Thermal Imager measures and monitor while your employees, clients, suppleirs, contractors walking through the device and instantly classify the person having higher temperature than the predetermined temperature setting, with alarm and notification function. The application is efficient and ideal for your work environment having a significant number of people.

Nipco offers a very economical price of RM 6,000.00 a set (There are various thermal imagers in the market but we believe our solution is the most economical). The price includes remote set up and training by Nipco staff to ensure the effective operation once the device is set up in your premises. The device software communicate with your PC to transfer temperature measurement data, analysis, storage and reporting.

The product UTi165K is manufactured by UNI-TREND TECHNOLOGY (CHINA) CO., LTD.
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For more information or inquiry, please contact:
Andrew Lee (
NIPCO Electrical Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd
Tel: 012-505 8203


We strongly endorse Cadmium free CIS Thin Film Solar Module Technology that maximize the asset value of the investors

Nipco is a distriibutor in Malaysia of Solar Frontier K. K., 100 % Japanese made world largest Cd-free CIS thin film solar module producer


Reference Materials for Download

NIPCO solustion business development in the context of SUSTAINABILITY
Energy Team S.p.A. presentation of energy monitoring solutions
Energy Team's solution approach in Energy Monitoring System (EnMoS)
NIPCO agent of Solar Frontier, Thin Film CIS module made in Japan
Superiority of CIS Thin Film technologies in solar modules
Solar Frontier's rational of CIS thin film superiority in the real world
World No. 1, Cd free CIS Thin Film solar module manufacturer from Japan
Only 100% "made in Japan" solar module with quality & durability

Solar Frontier's best selling Cd free CIS Thin Film solar module


Energy Management in Self-consumption Solar system

Maximun demand (MD) management with a help of solar energy will further reduce your TNB bill, and further reduce adopting ETOU tariff if you are a 24/7 operator.

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Introducing Malaysia Page...(Front page: Oct.-Dec.,2012 edition)View page...

  1. Welcome to the newly established Malaysia window of Energy Management Movement
  2. 3-day "ISO 50001 Self-Declaration" Workshop in Malaysia 25-27 September held in KL, Malaysia
  3. Forming "Energy User League of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration, Malaysia" to boost EnMS operation enhancement in Malaysia.

Season's Greetings...(Front page: Dec.,2012 edition)View page...

  • The Second 3-day "Best Practice ISO 50001 Master Class Energy Management Workshop" scheduled for 7-9 May 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Happy New Year 2013...(Front page: Jan.,2013 edition)View page...

  1. 2013, the year of "Continual Energy Performance Improvement"
  2. Asia Green IT Seminar -Malaysia-
  3. Inauguration of ISO 50001-League-Malaysia
  4. Sime Darby unit earns ISO 50001 certification

Announcing the Second MS ISO 50001 Class EnMS Workshop ...(Front page: Feb-May,2013 edition)View page...

  1. The second MS ISO 50001 Class 3-day EnMS Workshop, to be jointly produced by EeSolution Engineering and EnMS-Doc Associates
  2. ISO 50001-League-Malaysia to Sponsor MS ISO 50001 EnMS Workshop
  3. ISO 50001 Class EnMS Workshop also organised by EnMS-Doc and Antris Management Solutions in Singapore 23 - 25 April

MS ISO 50001 EnMS Workshop Report...(Jun,2013 edition)View page...

  1. Suruhanjaya Tenaga's endorsing ISO 50001 and the workshop
  2. CEO and Energy Manager
  3. Energy "Waste" keeps popping up unless properly managed
  4. "Gap" keeps popping up unless CEO takes the firm leadership
  5. Positive and corporative participants
  6. Gap Assessment
  7. Items delivered in the workshop and overall assessment
  8. Suggested Actions

SEMINAR INVITATION: "Green Initiative Seminar" 4th July 2018 Hotel Casuarina @Meru, Ipoh (Jun,2018 edition)View page...

  1. We are pleased to request the honor of your presence in the seminar:
  2. Seminar orgainizers
  3. This “Green Initiative Seminar” provides following features:
  4. NIPCO announces distributorship of Energy Team's solution hardware/software in Malaysia
  5. We truly looking forward to seeing you there...

"Green Initiative Seminar"4th July 2018" ReportView page..".

  1. We prepared Seminar Summary for you
  2. Seminar Presentation Material for Download
  3. Expressing our sincere apology

One stop Energy Monitoring Hardware/Software solution provider in MalaysiaView page...

  1. 2019 is Energy Monitoring System year in which woulld ensure MS ISO 50001:2018 class EnMS
  2. Strategic approach: A partnership with NIPCO Electric Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd, and Energy Team S.p.A of Italy
  3. Malaysia's initiative towards sustainable business development is growing

Nipco Electrical Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd (Nipco) participates in IGEM2019 (9-11 October @KLCC)View page...

  1. Energy Management Switch Board
  2. CIS Thin Film Solar Module Technology
  3. CIS Thin Film Solar Module Technology

Our mission #1

To broaden association with energy users through ISO 50001 Class EnMS

Our mission #2

To guide energy users to impllement ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation

Energy monitoring partner
Energy Team's distributor in Malaysia

Global scale partner of EMV &
Energy Monitoring Solution Provider

CIS Thin Film Solar Module
mavufacturer from Japan
represented by Nipco in Malaysia

Our partner in Malaysia and EnMS Specialist

Energy Commission of Malaysia promoting energy efficiency endorsing ISO 50001.

Reliable power supplier of Malaysia serving residential, commercial, industrial.

Malaysia’s innovative energy skill development scheme.

The world's largest corporate sustainability initiatives.

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