The Second 3-day Best Practice ISO 50001 Master Class Energy Management Workshop scheduled for 7-9 May 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

EeSolution Engineering and EnMS-Doc jointly are planning to organise the second 3-day extensive workshop in Malaysia responding to the energy user orgainisation needs to establish strong energy management system to reduce operating cost.

The workshop designed for business oriented high level person responsible for energy management operation designated by and reported to the top management, and the workshop will highlight in the following areas:

  1. Business aspects of the Energy Management System (EnMS) operation.
  2. Practical hands on experience in energy review and planning process.
  3. Identifying energy saving opportunities (ECO) for your organisation.
  4. Setting up energy performance indicator (EnPI) to measure the real term savings
  5. How to save energy cost immediately from the operational aspects with no investment.
  6. Bulid up internal audit superiority over external audit.
  7. Lift up your organisation into globally recognised ISO 50001 class EnMS operation business unit.
At the end of workshop, the participants will go back to their organisation to build up ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation providing continual energy performance improvement in their organisation; gaining significant energy cost reduction as well as carbon gas reduction. The first successful workshop was held in September where participants appreciating the essence and the superiority of the ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation through the best practice approach.For the report on the workshop, please go to this page...

We are currently finalising the programme and venue. We expect to officially announce the programme and commence registration procedure in January. If you have question or comments regarding the workshop, please do not hesitate to contact EeSolution Engineering, Ir. Lam, Sing Yew (Lammie), tel(+60 12 2957399) e-mail:
...For those interested to know the full agenda of the workshop, please download the 3-day agenda table (pdf)

Here are the comments from the first workshop participant:
Before attending the training, I was preparing myself for a bored 3 days training.
As most of ISO training were always focusing on explaining each clauses of the standard, its requirements, and participant will then be required to prepare examples of SOP & etc.
But to my surprise, your approach is totally new. Sample of documents were provided, and focus were more on data analysis. My comments are...
For the rest of the comments...


Forming "Energy User League of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration, Malaysia" to boost EnMS operation enhancement in Malaysia.

After the successful outcome the first workshop held in September, the particiants and the organiser had a serious discussion of how to capture the opportunity from the lessons learned from the workshop, and how to disseminate the superiority of ISO Class EnMS operation to promote the sustainability business development amongst the industries in Malaysia. The conclusion from the discussion was to initiate the formation of "Energy User League of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration Malaysia" (tentative Name) by workshop participating organisations taking the initiative.

The background of forming the league came quite natural, the organiser assessed. In general, Malaysian people are humble, eager to lesten to good ideas, having willingness to try-it-out, not afraid of drawbacks, but rather to learn from the drawbacks to further improve. These elements are exactly the process of PDCA. From the workshop, only the gap we identified was people are to polite to communicate with their top management to twist their arm. We believe the "Energy User League of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration Malaysia" would be the energy to fill up the gap, and can rightly encourage the industries to move forward to take leading role globally. Later the league idea was presented to an official of Suruhanjaya Tanaga (Energy Commission) of Malaysia., and would most like to have their endorsement.

Initial member of the "Energy User League of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration Malaysia":

♣ KJM Aluminium Can Sdn. Bhd.
♣ TenCate Geosynthetics Asia Sdn. Bhd.
♣ Kian Joo Packaging Sdn. Bhd.
♣ Tasek Corporation Berhad
♣ Cargill Palm Products Sdn.
♣ EeSolution Engineering
♣ EnMS-Doc Associates

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