The Diamond and ISO 50001: Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Energy Commission) endorsing the success of 3-day "MS ISO 50001 Class EnMS Workshop" "

EnMS-Doc Associates together with its partner in Malaysia EeSolutions Engineering hosted a 3-day EnMS Workshop 7-9 May at Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel, Subang Jaya.

Systematic approach in energy management with the baseline ISO 50001 International Standard "Energy Management System" (hereinafter referred to as "ISO 50001") provides the opportunity for a company to run its business with an aim to gain the most energy efficient operation. This comes with continual improvement practice, leading into the best sustainable business development and performance. Workshop was organised to provide practical information for establishing and implementing ISO 50001 class EnMS operation, and we had 11 delegates representing organisation having respective interests to position the session as:
  1. Understand the practical aspects of EnMS operation conforming to ISO 50001.
  2. Reduce energy and associated cost of represented organisation.
  3. Build up network during the workshop sessions with other delegates.
  4. Become expert in ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation to become leader in the organisation.
  5. Build up platform for the organisation to pursuing sustainability business development.
  6. ISO 50001 Self-Declaration is one of the scenarios after implementing EnMS operation.

Suruhanjaya Tenaga's endorsing ISO 50001 and the workshop

Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulations 2008 (EMEER 2008) came into force on 15 December 2009. Under the EMEER 2008, energy users that consume more than 3,000,000 kWh/6 month are required to appoint at least one certified electrical energy manager (EEM), monitor and report energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and submit energy efficiency improvement plans. Suruhanjaya Tenaga (ST - Energy Commission of Malaysia) prepared presentation materilal "The Diamond and ISO 50001" authorising the workshop facilitator Lam Sing Yew to present as the openning presentation of the workshop. The overview of EMEER 2008 and the ST's view of integrating ISO 50001 into EMEER were particularly useful as ST encouraged utilising ISO 50001 standard as the tool for energy user organisation to practice energy
performance improvement in strengthening their business position globally.    The presentation material can be downloaded here

CEO and Energy Manager

EMEER asks for EEM and ISO 50001 asks for the top management representative person responsible for energy management. The workshop termed the person "Chief Energy Officer (CEO)". In order to run the proper EnMS operation, it requires a business development focused individual who takes leadership in the operation. EEM by EMEER's definition is a technical individual who needs to focus on technical aspects of the operation. Both are invaluable and need to work hand in hand. The workshop has clearly positioned CEO and EEM to be two distinctive functions for the size of participants’ organisation

Energy "Waste" keeps popping up unless properly managed

It is a message to the top management. EnMS operation cannot work unless the top management takes responsibility for the operation and taking leadership. At first, the top management should identify what are the wastes exist in the organisation in terms of improving energy performance improvement. This element must be taken as the top priority as it enables to capture opportunity from energy efficient improvement actions that require no or little investment to implement. Main consideration that the top management must put forward is to smartly provide the optimum resources in order for the workforce to output skill to the best of ability.

"Gap" keeps popping up unless CEO takes the firm leadership

Throughout the workshop, gap analysis (Analysis of the existing situation required to improve in filling up the gap to reach the level of the ISO 50001 compatible EnMS operation) was conducted, and it was quite apparent that significant gaps existed for most of the organisations. This means that participants as CEO after returning to their work place face significant task to fill up the gap.

Positive and corporative participants

We had fortunate situation for the workshop that all participants were positive, articulate and cooperative individuals that made the workshop very active and productive.
We thank all the participants for their participation making the workshop a great success.

Gap Assessment

The gap assessment and recommendation made during the workshop are:
  1. From the checklist assessment, especially energy policy is not in place, most organisation should seek the freshly establishment of EnMS operation using the know-how this workshop to save time.
  2. Build up first "Top Management and you" partnership. "It is not for you to convince top management that ISO 50001 Class EnMS is good for the company business. Rather it is the top management to convince you and the workforce that ISO 50001 Class EnMS is very important to sustain business."
  3. Energy review should be conducted after the top management announcement of committed EnMS operation commencement.
  4. Then conduct once again the gap analysis to identify actions for EnMS operation implementation.
  5. The workshop facilitators are available for you at any stage as most of the recommended action can be implemented more effectively with the third party person acting as your right hand person.

Items delivered in the workshop and overall assessment:

  1. participants were provided with ready-made ISO 50001 Class documents so immediately ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation becomes visible.
  2. Standardised in "y = ax + b" EnPI so participants was clear about baseline and target which is the potentially energy improvement range.
  3. Energy review was exercised in one of the workshop sessions using model plants for participant to practice real term activities such as:
    • Identify significant energy use.
    • Define baseline and target EnPI with “y=ax+b”.
    • Identify low-no cost operationally feasible energy conservation opportunities (ECO).
    • Identify technically feasible ECO.
    • RENKEI Control, the optimum control concept harmonising two or more control elements for optimising energy efficiency on existing facility was introduced.
    • Come up with most practical and economical first phase monitoring system for the represented organisation.
  4. Introduced wiki50001 Energy Management Operation/Documentation System with hands on demonstration to appreciate how simple the system is to operate and edit for improvement. All Participants understood following strength in the system to accelerate the organisation's EnMS operation.
    • Top management is no longer unreachable person.
    • Effective communication tool for entire workforce is access to EnMS information.
    • The system contains the 12 key management documents and the system is based on the 12.
    • The system provides key information of what is needed for the activity of the time so need not to read the whole documents.
    • Going through the system, the visitor automatically enjoys the world of EnMS thus is effective OJT tool.
    • The system equips with an Auditors procedure page so that EnMS site audit can be exercised swiftly to save a lot of auditor's time as well as the auditees.
  5. EnMS audit was conducted by splitting up in two groups using EnMS-Doc developed audit scorecard system. With the scorecard system, participants were able to go through flow of the assessment process with key questions and answers with scoring responsibility to quantify the organisation's conformity level.
  6. All participants were clearly impressed that the workshop built confidence level to lead their organisation to ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation not only from the knowledge gained but also by the actual experience gained through the practical workshop.
  7. Furthermore, the participants were given an opportunity to develop flexible and swift EnMS operation with wiki50001 positioning the system as a practical solution to the EnMS operation.
  8. Finally the ISO 50001 Class Workshop can be described as "This was not a workshop about what is ISO 50001 standard, but was a workshop to practice how to improve energy performance using ISO 50001."

Suggested Actions:

From the gap analysis and various discussions during the workshop, we have identify 21 critical action items for the participants to follow in order to implement ISO 50001 class EnMS operation.
For the detail of suggested action items, please download the workshop report.

List of Participant:

No. Name Company Representing
(1) Loh Chee Keong Kwong Hing Group
(Building Manager)
(2) Wong Fu Sheng Kwong Hing Group
(Operation Analyst)
(3) Ng Yen Yee Petron Malaysia Refining & Marketing Bhd
(Electrical Engineer)
(4) Mohamad Sobri Ismail St. Jude Medical Operations (M) Sdn. Bhd.
(Facility Manager)
(5) Loo Yau Teng Southern Steel Berhad
(Senior Plant Manager, Steel Making Plant 1)
(6) Ahmad Zubir Bin Zulkifli TenCate Geosynthetics Asia
(Manager, Maintenance)
(7) Reza M. Aidid MAXIS Berhad
(Principal Engineer, Network Business Support)
(8) Lim Su Seng RP Chemicals (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
(I&E Superintendent)
(9) Azmil Md Ikram IFME Consultants Sdn. Bhd.
(Mechanical Engineer)
(10) Peter Cheng Malay-Sino Chemical Industries Sdn. Bhd.
(Operation Manager)
(11) Hugh Keyworth MAXIS Berhad

Energy User ISO 50001 Self-Declaration League - Malaysia

Lai, Tuck Lock - Tasek Corporation Berhad, Chairman of Energy User League of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration Malaysia (The League) and Chew, Tat Sen - TenCate Geosynthetics Asia Sdn. Bhd., Vice-Chairman of the league, and both were distinguished participants to the previous workshop joined the third day ending session to congratulate participants receiving the completion certificate. Both stated about their opportunities and issues related to their EnMS operation since participated the previous workshop held in last September. They have urged the participants and their organisation to join the League for the purpose of promoting the EnMS operation both companies in Malaysia and within their organisation. The League would strengthen and sustain the teamwork built during the workshop and can pursue continual performance improvement by exchanging information for win-win solution.
For the detail of the League guideline, please visit the "League" page...

Available Free Download

"Practical Guide to ISO 50001 Energy Management System"
The summary of "EnMS Charter", the highest level document in EnMS.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Energy Monitoring
Welcome to a Magnificent World of EnMS Audit with Scorecard System;
TEAM Sigma "EnMS Solution Software Suite" Data Analysis Techniques
Practical Guide to ISO 50001 Self-Declaration
Practical Guide to Energy Review Process and Expected Results
How to set EnPI (y=ax+b) SEC Regression Analysis

Introduction to
RENKEI Control Concept



Forming "Energy User League of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration, Malaysia" to boost EnMS operation enhancement in Malaysia.

After the successful outcome the first workshop held in September, the particiants and the organiser had a serious discussion of how to capture the opportunity from the lessons learned from the workshop, and how to disseminate the superiority of ISO Class EnMS operation to promote the sustainability business development amongst the industries in Malaysia. The conclusion from the discussion was to initiate the formation of "Energy User League of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration Malaysia" (tentative Name) by workshop participating organisations taking the initiative.more...

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An encore EnMS Workshop in Singapore 25-27 Sept.

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