2019 is Energy Monitoring System year in which woulld ensure MS ISO 50001:2018 class EnMS

Strategic approach: A partnership with
NIPCO Electric Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd, and
Energy Team S.p.A of Italy

EnMS-Doc Associates working with Energy Team S.p.A. for more than 7 years. In 2019, we have decided to place Malaysia as the buiness of strategic importance, and to work for NIPCO Electrical Engineering & Trading Sdn Bhd (NIPCO) to promote providing Energy Monitoring System (EnMoS) solutions.

"Energy Team with NIPCO and EnMS-Doc teamwork in Malaysia is the best blend to ensure the team monitoring users to accomplish energy peprformance improvement in their daily business operation..." Fabio Telli, Director, International Business Development of Energy Team spoke at the recent team building event.

Malaysia's initiative towards sustainable business development is growing

  1. Malaysia is directing as the leading Asian economic country for sustainable business development.
  2. Malaysia has the power & motives for improvement and development through              NIPCO/Energy Team business Overview download
  3. “Energy Management” is understood to be the core competency to become a winner.
  4. Malaysia is encouraging investment related to Green Initiative business development and placing key strategic importance.
  5. Another asset of Malaysia is the existence of the close collaboration of MIDA and MGTC for green initiative leading to sustainable business development.
  6. EnMS+EMV+EnMoS is considered to be a success combination in Malaysia.
    EnMS= Energy Management System
    EMV= Energy Measurement & Verification
    EnMoS= Energy Monitoring System
  7. Malaysia is going to promote self use PV system.

We look forward to be active in Malaysia, and asking your attention if we happen to contact you...

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"Practical Guide to ISO 50001 Energy Management System"
The summary of "EnMS Charter", the highest level document in EnMS.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Energy Monitoring
Welcome to a Magnificent World of EnMS Audit with Scorecard System;
TEAM Sigma "EnMS Solution Software Suite" Data Analysis Techniques
Practical Guide to ISO 50001 Self-Declaration
Practical Guide to Energy Review Process and Expected Results
How to set EnPI (y=ax+b) SEC Regression Analysis

Introduction to
RENKEI Control Concept



Forming "Energy User League of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration, Malaysia" to boost EnMS operation enhancement in Malaysia.

After the successful outcome the first workshop held in September, the particiants and the organiser had a serious discussion of how to capture the opportunity from the lessons learned from the workshop, and how to disseminate the superiority of ISO Class EnMS operation to promote the sustainability business development amongst the industries in Malaysia. The conclusion from the discussion was to initiate the formation of "Energy User League of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration Malaysia" (tentative Name) by workshop participating organisations taking the initiative.more...

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Introducing Malaysia Page...(Front page: Oct.-Dec.,2012 edition)View page...

  1. Welcome to the newly established Malaysia window of Energy Management Movement
  2. 3-day "ISO 50001 Self-Declaration" Workshop in Malaysia 25-27 September held in KL, Malaysia
  3. Forming "Energy User League of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration, Malaysia" to boost EnMS operation enhancement in Malaysia.

Season's Greetings...(Front page: Dec.,2012 edition)View page...

  • The Second 3-day "Best Practice ISO 50001 Master Class Energy Management Workshop" scheduled for 7-9 May 2013 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Happy New Year 2013...(Front page: Jan.,2013 edition)View page...

  1. 2013, the year of "Continual Energy Performance Improvement"
  2. Asia Green IT Seminar -Malaysia-
  3. Inauguration of ISO 50001-League-Malaysia
  4. Sime Darby unit earns ISO 50001 certification

Announcing the Second MS ISO 50001 Class EnMS Workshop ...(Front page: Feb-May,2013 edition)View page...

  1. The second MS ISO 50001 Class 3-day EnMS Workshop, to be jointly produced by EeSolution Engineering and EnMS-Doc Associates
  2. ISO 50001-League-Malaysia to Sponsor MS ISO 50001 EnMS Workshop
  3. ISO 50001 Class EnMS Workshop also organised by EnMS-Doc and Antris Management Solutions in Singapore 23 - 25 April

MS ISO 50001 EnMS Workshop Report...(Jun,2013 edition)View page...

  1. Suruhanjaya Tenaga's endorsing ISO 50001 and the workshop
  2. CEO and Energy Manager
  3. Energy "Waste" keeps popping up unless properly managed
  4. "Gap" keeps popping up unless CEO takes the firm leadership
  5. Positive and corporative participants
  6. Gap Assessment
  7. Items delivered in the workshop and overall assessment
  8. Suggested Actions

Our mission #1

To broaden association with energy users through ISO 50001 Class EnMS

Our mission #2

To guide energy users to impllement ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation

Energy monitoring partner
Energy Team's distributor in Malaysia

Global scale partner of EMV &
Energy Monitoring Solution Provider

Malaysia engineering company
Collaborating with CST

Our partner in Malaysia and EnMS Specialist

Energy Commission of Malaysia promoting energy efficiency endorsing ISO 50001.

Reliable power supplier of Malaysia serving S.E.H.MA.

Malaysia’s innovative energy skill development scheme.

The world's largest corporate sustainability initiatives.

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"All 12 documents in a set" Economical price on sale making ISO 50001 "self declaration" within reach.

We are closely following the development of the UK leading EnMS solution software.

Open source economic paperless EnMS operating system is very useful to make full use of our EnMS management documents.

We are following EnMS and Sustainability progress in Ireland thru SEAI.

We are following the progress of the SEP programs promoted by USCEEM.

We are keeping our eyes on the GSEP development under the CEM

We learn a lot from this ISO dedicated publisher website
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We benefit a lot from real time information blog pages provided by Mr. Nakao (only in Japanese)

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