Announcing the ISO 50001 Class Energy Management System (EnMS) Workshop

The organiser Convention Links (S) Pte Ltd is pleased to announce implementation of the first ISO 50001 Class 3-day EnMS Workshop in Singapore, jointly produced by Antris Management Solutions and EnMS-Doc Associates.

We are pleased to inform you that we have the confirmation of National Environment Agency (NEA) to assign a person to provide a keynote presention to address ""New Energy Conservation Act" is about Energy Management Practice ". Additionally we also have the confirmation of SPRING Singapore to assign a person to provie a guest presentation addressing "ISO 50001 in line with Business Excellence Initiative".

It is the first workshop of this kind held in Singapore.
The organiser and producers are very confident that the workshop will provide a positive and superior impact on the participant organisations in implementing ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation for continual energy performance improvement. The workshop ensures the participant organisations to enjoy the following benefits to enhance their sustainability business operation to take competitive advantage in global scale:

  • Workshop provides ideas to reduce your energy bill typically by at least 5 % on account of operational matters requiring no or little investment.
  • Workshop develops the participants to an effective and competent person responsible for energy management, leading the organisation to implement ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation.
  • Workshop highlights ways to integrate the newly introduce Energy Conservation Act, Singapore with ISO 50001 EnMS.
  • Workshop provides useful vision in the positioning of energy management to other management systems, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.
  • Workshop hands out the ISO 50001 Class key 12 management documents that will ensure the organisation to be furnished with the ISO 50001 compatible documentation.
  • Workshop hands out the ISO 50001 Class EnMS Audit Guideline with useful Scorecard System for organisation to run efficient, clear-cut and transparent assessment on the EnMS operation as well as energy performance improvement.
  • Workshop hands out energy performance verification software in order for participants to identify the Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI) for energy performance improvement quantitative verification.
  • Workshop uses innovative EnMS Operation System, wiki50001 (TEAM UK) throughout the 3-day sessions, acts as multifunctional purposes: training, communication, operational control, document control, continual improvement procedure and site audit implementation.
  • Workshop emphasises the importance of Energy Visualisation: energy monitoring and real-time improvement procedure.
  • After taking advantage of the above mentioned key benefits, organisation will automatically position itself to strategize the business direction to self-declare ISO 50001 that will enable eventually for organisation, if wishes, to attain cost effective certification.
So do not miss this great opportunity and we look forward to seeing you at the workshop.
  1. For more detail information, please   visit workshop official website, or download  the workshop brochure.
  2. If you are interested in the workshop programme, please download  the workshop syllabus.
  3. If you want to see the outcome from the previous workshop held in Malaysia 25-27 September 2012, please download the workshop report.
  4. If you are interested to register for the workshop, please do so via Workshop eFlyer, or with inquiry contact the organiser,   Convention Links (S) Pte Ltd Singapore,   email:, or telephone: +65_67418323
If for the unfortunate situation that the dates 23-25 April do not fit you, you have an option to join the similar 3-day workshop organised in Malaysia 7-9 May, as described in the next headline section.

MS ISO 50001 Class EnMS Workshop 7-9 May in Malaysia

Hallmark Access Sdn Bhd is organising its second MS ISO 50001 Class 3-day EnMS Workshop, jointly produced by EeSolution Engineering and EnMS-Doc Associates.

The workshop is similar to the one in Singapore so that the participant organisations to enjoy the same benefits as described in the previous headline section to enhance their sustainability business operation to take competitive advantage in global scale.
Malaysia workshop will highlight following two areas:

  1. Suruhanjaya Tanaga will explain the Malaysia's energy management approach with ISO 50001 EnMS International Standard.
  2. Putting more emphasis on ISO 50001 Self-Declaration options in order to minimise the cost and resource impact for the certification process.
For more information, please visit our Malaysia Page.
The workshop is supported by Suruhanjaya Tanaga and Energy User League “ISO 50001 Self-Declaration” Malaysia.

Greetings Brunei Darussalam...

Antris Management Solutions is pleased to announce the formation of a collaboration arrangement with energy management promoter in Brunei, Dynamic Link Consultant.

The partnership aims to take advantage of the two resources available in Singapore and Brunei to enhance sustainability business development. We believe Brunei Darussalam has distinctive style in promoting energy management. The country is very keen to preserve the rich nature while understanding the value of energy produced and its use for generations to come. The Brunei government is taking active role in ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) and ASEAN Energy Management Scheme (AEMAS) to ensure the country's firm stand in implementing energy management operation among the energy user organisations.
Antris Management Solutions and Dynamic Link Consultant together with EnMS-Doc Associates, as the first collaboration task is to draw participants from Brunei to the planned 3-day ISO 50001 Energy Management System Workshop scheduled in Singapore 23-25 April. The three parties also plan to assist the need of public and private organisation in Brunei to develop and enhance energy management system in line with ISO 50001, and currently evaluating the feasibility to hold such workshop independently in Brunei in the near future.

The New Energy Conservation Act is to be enacted starting April 2013

The Act is composed of 5 parts, 82 sections, as the first step covering the large energy consumers from industrial and tranportation sectors. Governing bodies are Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR) and Ministry of Transportation (MOT), Singapore.

Companies that consume more than 15 GWh of energy annually, or 1.29 ktoe of energy are designated as the subject of the Act. The criteria need careful assessment by energy users for their designation status. Annual 15 GWh of electricity consumption suggest a significantly large energy user, however, any business unit consuming fuel together with electricity may notice depending on the MWh conversion to ktoe, the designation picture can be quite different. Furthermore the title of Part III includes "domestic" sector which suggest the Act eventually would cover wider ranges of energy users.
Key element of the act is that the designated business unit is required to appoint a qualified energy manager who will be in charge of preparing and submitting periodic energy consumption report, energy efficiency improvement plans, maintaining energy records, training and educating employees,etc as well as to pursue the improvement of energy efficiency in the premises. The act reserves option to inspect the site for the compliance.
The background in enforcing of the act is:
  • To help Singapore achieve the target of a 35% improvement in energy intensity by 2030, from 2005 levels.
  • To improve the energy performance of companies and thus making them more competitive in the global economy.
  • To complement existing schemes and capability building programmes which provide support for companies investing in energy efficiency.
  • To ensure a co-ordinated approach to standards setting for energy efficiency across all sectors.
These suggest that the Act is aiming energy users to enhance their energy management operation. Therefore the Act and ISO 50001 International Standard for Energy Management System can provide synergy effect for the economically sound energy efficiency improvement drive for Singapore to achieve the target.

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"Practical Guide to ISO 50001 Energy Management System"
The summary of "EnMS Charter", the highest level document in EnMS.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Energy Monitoring
Welcome to a Magnificent World of EnMS Audit with Scorecard System
TEAM Sigma "EnMS Solution Software Suite" Data Analysis Techniques
Practical Guide to ISO 50001 Self-Declaration
Practical Guide to Energy Review Process and Expected Results
How to set EnPI (y=ax+b) SEC Regression Analysis

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