Happy New Year Singapore

EnMS-Doc Associate principal Nobby Yamanouchi stayed in Singapore for 4 months from July to November and had very produtive time and gaining valuable esperience. We will continue to be active for 2014.

A New Partner in Singapore: Asian Engineering Contractors Pte. Ltd.

As the result of forming Partnership with Chiyoda Systems Technologies Corporation (hereinafter refer to as “CST”) in Japan, EnMS-Doc Associates is pleased to announce the new partnership in Singapore Asian Engineering Contractors Pte Ltd Corporation (hereinafter refer to as “CST”), the wholly owned subsidiary of CST. AEC, the World-Wide procurement specialist, working together with CST to pursue business development through sustainability in Singapore and Asian countries.
AEC company website

EnMS-Doc working closely with SETSCO Services Pte. Ltd.

Since July 2013, majority of EnMS-Doc activities were with SETSCO Services Pte. Ltd, the Singapore leading Testing and Inspection company reporting to VICOM Pte Ltd., the leading automotive inspection company under the Comfort Delgro Group.

EnMS-Doc scope is to provide assistance in the operational aspects in SETSCO’s Energy Management System (EnMS) operation in pursuant to ISO 50001 conformity. SETSCO headed by Mr. Sze Thiam Siong is a keen player in business development through sustainability.
SETSCO company website





The organisation has introduced and implementing EnMS operation with the valued objective for continual energy performance improvement. With vast young talented individuals involved in the EnMS operation, the organisation is well under way in establishing fame of SETSCO brand in the global scene. We are fortunate and honoured to be able to work with SETSCO and their people.



Nobby Yamanouchi with SETSCO's EnMS Champion, Salim Suwignjo;



Integrated Management System?

The ultimate is the total management system with the arrival of ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) Full story...


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Hello Singapore...(Front page: Dec.,2012 edition)View page...

  1. EnMS-Doc / Antris Management Solutions Partnership Announcement
  2. Integrated Management System? The ultimate is the total management system with the arrival of ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS)

Happy New Year Singapore...(Front page: Jan.,2013 edition)View page...

  1. 2013, the year of "Continual Energy Performance Improvement"
  2. 2013 Resolution
  3. The New Energy Conservation Act is to be enacted starting April 2013

Greetings, Brunei Darussalam...(Front page: Feb.-Apr,2013 edition)View page...

  1. Announcing the ISO 50001 Class Energy Management System (EnMS) Workshop 23-25 April 2013
  2. MS ISO 50001 Class EnMS Workshop 7-9 May in Malaysia
  3. Greetings Brunei Darussalam...

Energy Conservation Act - Singapore (ECA)
ISO 50001 Class EnMS Workshop Report
(Front page: Feb.-Apr,2013 edition)View page...

  1. The New Energy Conservation Act – Singapore came into force on 22nd April 2013
  2. 3-Day ISO 50001 Class EnMS Workshop held in Singapore proved to be "Timely" and "Practical"

ISO to open first time ever a regional office in Singapore...
(Front page: July-December 2013 edition)View page...









Our mission #1

To broaden association with energy users through ISO 50001 Class EnMS

Our mission #2

To guide energy users to impllement ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation

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