EnMS Training Plan

Template name: EnMS Training Plan
Feature: This 35-page template defines necessary training programme, including workshop, seminar and on-line training sessions. It also covers necessary external training sessions. The training plan is based on a virtual organisation and thus provides good insight into the training needs vs. people engaged in the different activities in the organisation.
Function: The document explains how the training plan is established, as the result of energy review. After exhibiting the scope, it states identified training sessions defining who are to participate. It then describes role/responsibility in conducting the sessions. In the final clause it specifies the schedule of the training with indication of logistics. The document as a management principle, asks for records of attendance and the evaluation of each session. The training report is identified to be followed to report the result which is to be coherent with this plan.
Benefit You will have a good reference in how some organisation establishes its training programme.
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