EnMS Continual Improvement Guideline

Template name: EnMS Continual Improvement Guideline
Feature: This 37-page template covering problem resolution aspects providing concept and process regarding the situation requiring improvement, and has the following features:

- To create positive environment in the organisation so that workers do not shy away from challenges.
- To pursue higher level, in order to maintain the achieved good performance or to do better.
- To act swiftly, efficiently and timely at time of problems for solution with measures of non-recurrence, and turn the experience into opportunity.
- To take corrective or preventive action by making correction against actual or potential nonconformity.
- To humbly learn and share valuable information in the organisation regarding:
  • What could be an irregular incident and how it was treated and resolved
  • What could be non-conformance and how it was improved and turned into opportunity
  • It could be a challenging task to maintain the high level of performance and how continual improvement practice can overcome the challenges.
  • How proactive approach can motivate the workforce and make things easier
Function: "EnMS Continual Improvement Guideline" in this document defines the managerial guideline and provisions for activities directed towards continual improvement related to EnMS operation. The document aims for the entire work force to become familiarised with the process of continual improvement action path, and assists in setting their mind to pursue the best practice in EnMS operation regardless of the situation.
Benefit You are exposed to one of unique and effective concepts of how to react from the situations that requiring improvement actions and ultimately turning into opportunity. Additionally the document will provide the summary of table defining improvement intensity and action needs for improvement identified by different factors.
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