EnMS Communication Guideline

Template name: EnMS Communication Guideline
Feature: This 35-page template defines communication method and procedure in order to have active and motivated EnMS operation. It covers not only the in-house communication but also features on communication directed to external parties.
Function: "EnMS Communication Guideline" provides an introduction which it explains the background of EnMS operation related to the communication requirements, and defines the scope of communication. It then covers role and responsibility in the organisation before defining available internal and external communication methods for the operation. The final clause defines the procedural principles for each communication method.
Benefit You will be exposed to useful communication ideas to promote your EnMS operation. Well strategized communication will upsurge the people's motivation internally as well as to improve corporate credential in demonstrating sustainable business motives to the external parties. By following this template you will have good appreciation of how powerful a good communication can be and how it contributes to the development of business.
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