EnMS Action Plan

Template name: EnMS Action Plan
Feature: This 59-page template identifies over 20 action items to be planned for the upcoming EnMS fiscal year. Majority of action items are as the result of the energy review conducted prior to the planning. Therefore the action plan is based on objectives with highly feasible achievement of improved energy efficiency and performance.
Function: Template defines what actions are required, by whom and by when so that the implementation of EnMS operation achieves its objectives and targets to improve energy performance in the organization. This document addresses the people of the organisation to understand what action and output required by them to take action in timely manner for pursuing the optimum energy performance together with appreciating how business can benefits from the process of the system.
Benefit You are exposed to a typical but original planning logic with a solid background in each action based on energy review practice and result as well as the EnMS charter requirements. By using the document as a template for your own document, it ensures creating a planning document which is to become a vital element to a successful operation of EnMS. You are also exposed to potentially effective action items that you may want to try out in your real organisation.
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