EnMS Monitoring & Action Guideline

Template name: EnMS Monitoring & Action Guideline
Feature: This 50-page template is based on an actual EnMS M&A system in operation. An efficient "Miyeru-ka" (visualisation of energy) operation in action where the monitoring users compare the actual energy consumption with the energy consumption derived from the specific energy consumption based baseline and target EnPIs.

The objective of monitoring and action process is to implement "Miyeru-ka" by the entire work force:

- Seeing the energy movement
- Keeping track of baseline and target EnPI
- Being reminded when performance deviated from target
- Action for continual improvement
- Seeing measurable effort being output for gaining the energy performance
Function: "EnMS Monitoring & Action Guideline" defines the managerial guideline and provisions for the monitoring and action process. Prime aim is to get all users familiarised with the available monitoring system and provide guidance on how to benefit from the system in order to enhance the EnMS operation in achieving objectives and targets as well as to sustaining good energy performance and setting path for continual improvement.
Benefit You will be exposed to three main topics.

- Monitoring system overview
- Monitoring and Action Principle
- Monitoring and Action Procedure

The template provides you with samples of how monitoring and associated actions are conducted to enhance EnMS operation promoting continual improvement.
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