Having had more than 20 years of in-depth energy management experience working with various energy users, our business is to help our customers to improve their organisation's energy performance. We devote our skill to guide energy users in building up ISO 50001 class Energy Management System (EnMS) operation together with supplying ready-to-adopt ISO 50001 Class documentation. Additionally we make sure to recommend the economically best solution for energy monitoring system best suited for the site operation, while defining the simple and clear cut Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI) to verify the actual savings and gains for their business. Sustainability Business Development in the field of EnMS is our business...Learn more...

Yamanouchi Noboru

EnMS-Doc Associates
Energy management system (EnMS) specialist

- Sustainable Business Development in the field of Energy and Environmental Management

- Consultant: Energy Management System compliance to ISO50001

- EnMS "Guidebook+template in one" author for the documentation in line with ISO50001

We sincerely look forward to gaining your confidence level in our motives to developing energy users' EnMS operation through best practice and documentation for the purpose of enhancing their sustainable business operation. Sustainablity Business Development in the field of EnMS is our business objective.

Sincerely yours,

Nobby Yamanouchi
EnMS specialist and template author
EnMS-Doc Associates

P.S. For your reference, my C.V. is at your disposal.


Our mission #1

To provide guidebooks for ISO 50001 related documents which also serve as template for creating document

Our mission #2

To broaden association with organisation or individuals involving EnMS in compliance with ISO 50001
Permission to use extracts from ISO 50001 was provided by Standards Council of Canada. No further reproduction is permitted without prior written approval from Standards Council of Canada.