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The EnMS Audit Guideline was created to assist energy user organisations to implement an effective internal EnMS audit following requirements of ISO 50001 Clause 4"Energy management system requirements", sub-clause 4.6 "Checking (performance)", item 4.6.3 "Internal audit of the EnMS". To be more specific, it guides to execute a proper audit to assure "conforming to planned arrangements for energy management including the requirements of this International Standard" and "being effectively implemented and maintained"

Up to this point, it is not much different from other management system.

However, "this International Standard" refers to ISO 50001, and EnMS operation is unique to other management system with a prime objective to improve energy performance. For this reason, in order for the EnMS audit to meet the objective, it not only to assess the operational and documentation aspects, but also to assess an organisation's energy performance.

The SEP program best performance scorecard endorced by the U.S.A. DOE and USCEEM requires assessment by a performance verifier as well as by a lead auditor when using the scorecard for certification.

An interesting question related to EnMS audit is when after setting an energy consumption reduction target at "5%", and only achieved "3%", would the assessor place a "nonconformance"card? Answer is "No". Comparing to Targeting "1%" and achieved "1%", "only achieved 3%" provides much more benefit to the organisation business.

Understanding the importance of performance verification in the EnMS, important elements in EnMS audit can be listed as below:
(1)  To fully appreciate the contents of energy review conducted.
      Specifically to understand the what are organization's energy
      performance improvement opportunities, and how the baseline
      is defined and how it was related to the targets
      (undertand the background of defned EnPI),
(2)  To fully appreciate the contents of EnMS Action Plan.
      Specifically, assessment is to focus how energy review results
      are reflected in the planned actions.
      When audit is executed in accordance to the perviously
      mentioned items (1) and (2), it becomes clear about the
      intensity of the organisation's EnMS operation, and can
      identify useful audit findings.
      Additional important item is,
(3)  To fully understand the effectiveness of M&T activities
      When quantatitatively assessing energy performance, data
      collection and monitoring status of EnPI through "Miyeru-ka"
      are crucial in identifying the improvement as well as to secure
      evidences. More established the M&T activity and system,
      it attracts assessor for favourable evaluation.
One final important item is,
(4)  To understand continuous improvement procedure and its
     Often overlooked element in EnMS energy performance improvement is "once energy performance improvement is achieved, the value of how to maitain the best condition after the improvement".In order to maintain the best condition is not an easy task. It often requires stronger effort than to engage in an improvement activity. Why not interpret as "To maintain the best condition" = "continuous improvement"?

When an organisation positively takes a course in sustainable business development, our view is that there should hardly be any "non-conformance" cases during the EnMS audit. By stating this, one might say "then EnMS auditor task is not difficult". On the contrarily, we believe the degree of difficulty with EnMS auditors are much higher than that of other energy management system. There are various reasons but the main should be that EnMS auditors have to discuss about the superiority of the business objectives and targets related to energy performance improvement on a equal basis with the top management officers of the organisation.。

EnMS Audit Guideline (Document ID: EnMS-Audit.Gdln-M01E)

EnMS Audit Guideline using a scorecard system can be used as a guide book for auditee how to face an EnMS audit without having to fully mastering the ISO 50001 requirements. The guideline is proposing a paradigm shift: "It is not to master EnMS to implement audit, it is through implementing audit to master EnMS". Questions such as, where are the energy performance opportunities; how to capitalise the opportunities; how to set up targets; what are the results expected and how to measure; etc., through EnMS audit, there are endless topics of positive aspects. With EnMS audit, the main player is no longer auditor but is auditee, au ultimate aim is to boost energy user motivation. By capitalising the guideline, you will see an interesting “auditee audits auditor" situation. This is because 70% of the task of EnMS audit is to verify energy performance improvement with related document review. View Document Samples...

EnMS Audit Scorecard (Tool ID: EnMS-Audit.SCR-R04E)

It uses a model business unit to demonstrate actual scoring practice thus presenting useful audit interview questions for all ISO 50001 requirement items. Based on the answers to questions, assessor is to score to the scale of "0 - 10". After interview session is completed, the scoring will be consolidated into the rating of "0 - 100%", to summarising the intensity of the EnMS operation as well as the level of energy performance improvement. By using the scorecard system, the preparation for audit activities is greatly enhanced to provide highly efficient audit proceedings, and the quantitative assessment provides transparency to encourage auditee to commence improvement activities without delay. View Scorecard Samples...

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