For the year 2012, we believe the power of "energy management" will make a strong and positive impact in our business environment.

For our website, 2012 resolution is to address the followings issues to turn around into opportunities:

(1)  Energy management leadership role and responsibility: attentiveness to the global scene

(2)  Energy management in the scope of supply chain: Cannot avoid global perspectives

(3)  ISO 50001 : Way to establishing system for self-certification (self-declaration) in alleviating for many energy users  feeling
      certification work and economic load is becoming a high burden (ISO 50001 is for performance over conformance).

All three issues carry a common element: globalization perspective of "energy management".
We also would like to focus this year on the movement of SEP(Superior Energy Performance)run by the U.S. Council for Energy Efficient Manufacturing (USCEEM) of which one of the aims is to standardize energy performance improvement verification (baseline setting and rational quantifiable EnPI) system.
In any case, one of the fisrt and most important elements to address these issues is to establish globally compatible "documentation" in energy management operation.

Our aim is to provide support to persons responsible in leading the organization's energy management operation and the team member to aggressively carrying out energy performance improvement.

We sincerely ask your continuing support.

Best wishes

Nobby Yamanouchi

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An important message from the content of ISO 50001

For the person(s) responsible for leading the EnMS operation, ISO 50001 is very useful global standard. Reasons can be the followings:

(1)  The prime purpose of energy management is to continual improvement of energy performance, and if the system is valid,
      it automatically complies to ISO 50001 standard, and therefore principally it provides "self certification" framework.

(2)  Since it is the international standard, it provide the system to quantify and verify the energy performance improvement at
      the universal scale no matter where your business units are located globally or locally.                   

(3)  Person(s) responsible for leading the EnMS operation has the role and responsibility to create and maintain the
      management documents including "EmNS Charter" to ensure the operation is ISO 50001 compatible, and so the
      organization is comfortable in self certifying.

"Practical Guide to ISO 50001 Energy Management System"
The summary of "EnMS Charter", the highest level document in EnMS.

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It is important to continuously re-visit the real purpose of ISO 50001: energy performance improvement.

It is through Energy Management System (EnMS) documentation, energy performance improvement can be pursued and verified...This is the beauty of ISO 50001!!

If you appreciate the content of ISO 50001, then you come to realize that...

ISO 50001 is not at all particular about the "certification".

ISO 50001 is particular about "Improving your energy performance"

It strongly recommends to take the essence rather than formality.

So, what is the “essence”?

It is to ensure adding value to your business and its sustainability by improving energy performance in your operation.

So then, exactly what is ISO 50001 requiring?

Nothing. It is to promote the mission that each organization has: "Sustainable business development" through achieving the energy performance improvement objectives and targets, as a result of implementing the energy management system in line with the business operation. This is ISO 50001's aim and hope.

So then, how do you proceed with the ISO 50001 EnMS operation?Learn more...


Documentation is very important in EnMS operation and for the ISO 50001 certification...Learn more...

ISO 50001 is to eliminate ISO-lation...Learn more...

"Welcome ISO 50001"Learn more...

Our mission #1

To provide guidebooks for ISO 50001 related documents which also serve as template for creating document

Our mission #2

To broaden association with organisation or individuals involving EnMS in compliance with ISO 50001
Permission to use extracts from ISO 50001 was provided by Standards Council of Canada. No further reproduction is permitted without prior written approval from Standards Council of Canada.