3-day MS ISO 50001 Class EnMS Workshop in Malaysia 25-27 September held in KL, Malaysia

EeSolution Engineering together with EnMS-Doc Associates held 3-day workshop (Workshop logistic organiser: Hallmark Access, Malasia) to make the participating organisation to become competent to self-declare ISO 50001.

Energy management conscious 5 companies and 6 members participated in the exclusive and practical workshop to gain their confidence level to implement MS ISO 50001 class Energy Management System (EnMS) operation in their respective organisation. All are now confident about reducing energy cost significantly in their organisation.

Description of the session:

The 3-day workshop session was designed to make the participants after the completion to be able to lead their organisations to run ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation. In order to achieve the task, the organiser expertise offered to form a partnership through the session to make participants competency as well as to provide ready to use EnMS key management documents including EnMS Charter. Additionally, MediaWiki based EnMS operating System, wiki50001 was introduced for smooth and efficient execution of EnMS operation.
The targeted participants were the top management representative (EnMS Champion) currently or in the near future to direct the organisation’s EnMS operation.

At the beginning of the session and at the end of the session

Objective of the workshop:

  • Provide knowhow and experience in running ISO 50001 EnMS operation.
  • Build up confidence level for participants that after the workshop, ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation in the represented organisation is within reach.
  • Provide key EnMS management readymade documents, and after the workshop documents can be adopted to ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation.
  • Introduce wiki50001(enms-doc-demo.wiki50001) version to demonstrate with the paperless EnMS operating system for its flexibility and effectiveness to run efficient EnMS operation.
  • To form a “league of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration” with business energy users to make Malaysia leading nation to adopt ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation.


Workshop planning and implementation partner: EeSolution Engineering
Workshop programme partner: EnMS-Doc Association
Workshop logistic and marketing: Hallmark Access, Malaysia

Workshop Facilitator:

Facilitator (1): Lam Sing Yew - EeSolution Engineering
Facilitator (2): Nobby Yamanouchi - EnMS-Doc Association

Workshop participants:

Chew, Hock San - KJM Aluminium Can Sdn. Bhd.
Chew, Tat Sen - TenCate Geosynthetics Asia Sdn. Bhd.
Albert, Francis - Kian Joo Packaging Sdn. Bhd.
Lai, Tuck Lock - Tasek Corporation Berhad
Chong, Yee How - Tasek Corporation Berhad
Chan, Yen Siang - Cargill Palm Products Sdn. Bhd.

3-day Agenda:

For the workshop full agenda, please download the agenda table(pdf).

Gap Identified:

Only gap but an important one we encountered from the workshop was there is a gap exist between participants' understanding level and their top management understanding level. We heard many occasion participants expressed need to convince their top managements. This was our message: "It is not for participants to convince their top management that ISO 50001 Class EnMS is good for the company business. Rather it is their top management to convince participants that ISO 50001 Class EnMS is very important to sustain business."
Additionally we learned that some management feel energy management practice is extra job for their staff that will over burden them. Certainly there is a need to let those management know energy is a core of their business and has to be integrated with the daily business. If the staff is not aware of this the company can easily lose global competitiveness. This is why ISO 50001 is very important and the reason we want to promote the idea for Malaysia to take energy management leadership so that business operators in Malaysia can take good position in the global scene in order to gain the competitive edge where sustainability is becoming the core of business.

Items delivered in the workshop and overall assessment:

  1. Documentation was ready so immediately ISO 50001 Class becomes visible
  2. Standardised in "y = ax + b" EnPI so participants was clear about baseline and target which is the potentially energy
  3. Energy review was exercised in one of the workshop sessions using model plants for participant to practice real term activities such as:
    • identify significant energy use.
    • define baseline and target EnPI.
    • identify low-no cost operationally feasible energy conservation opportunities (ECO).
    • identify technically feasible ECO.
    • RENKEI Control, the optimum control concept harmonising two or more control elements for optimising energy efficiency on existing facility was introduced.
    • come up with most practical and economical first phase monitoring system for the represented organisation
  4. Introduced wiki50001 Energy Management Operation System with hands on demonstration to appreciate how simple the system to operate and edit for improvement.
    Participants all understood following strength in the system to accelerate the organisation's EnMS operation.
    • Top management is no longer unreachable person.
    • Effective communication tool entire workforce is access to EnMS information.
    • The system contains the 12 key management documents and the system is based on the 12.
    • The system provides key information of what is needed for the activity of the time so need not to read the whole documents.
    • Going through the system, the visitor automatically enjoys the world of EnMS thus is effective OJT tool.
    • The system equips with an Auditors procedure page so that EnMS site audit can be exercised swiftly to save a lot of auditor's time as well as the auditees.
  5. EnMS audit was conducted by splitting up in two groups using EnMS-Doc developed audit scorecard system. With the scorecard system, participants were able to go through flow of the assessment process with key questions and answer with scoring responsibility to quantify the organisation's conformity level.
All participants clearly were impressed that the workshop built confidence level to lead their organisation to ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation not only from the knowledge gained but also by the actual experience gained through the practical workshop. Additionally participants were provided with ready-made ISO 50001 Class documents which can be adopted immediately to their organisation after fine tuning the contents for the particulars. Furthermore they were given an opportunity to develop flexible and swift EnMS operation with wiki50001 positioning the system as a practical solution to the EnMS operation.
Finally the ISO 50001 Class Workshop provided can be described as “This was not a workshop about what is ISO 50001 standard, but was a workshop to practice how to improve energy performance using ISO 50001.”

Participants Overall comments about the workshop:

We can summarise that participants valued the session in the following elements to promote EnMS operation within your organisation:
  1. The workshop concept provided clues to encourage behavioral change in your organisation.
  2. Importance of the top management leadership and the representative (EnMS Champion) appreciated.
  3. Competent documentation is invaluable to sustain the ISO 50001 class operation.
  4. enms-doc.wiki50001, the paperless EnMS operating system demonstrated was an economical and efficient operation tool highlighting operational control, improvement, communication and education.
  5. "y = ax + b" EnPI for baseline and targets are clear-cut effective indicators to verify energy performance improvement implementation.
  6. Effective data handling and monitoring system reflecting the ongoing EnMS operation enable quantitative energy management evaluation and energy performance improvement verification.
  7. From energy assessment in energy review can identify no-low investment operational improvement for energy performance improvement.

Letters from participants:

Within a week we received two letters:
♣ Chew, Tat Sen - TenCate Geosynthetics Asia Sdn Bhd.

Hi Mr. Nobby,
Thank you very much for your professional training conducted in Malaysia recently.
Frankly, I am very pleased to know and would like to support your proposal for Malaysia ISO 50001 Leadership Webpage. Hopefully, other Malaysian energy experts will be joining the group to enhance and broaden EnMS initiatives. To answer your questions below (under TenCate scenario):

  1. y=ax+b” EnPI : is a general practical method and is also applicable to TenCate in Malaysia;
  2. The ISO50001 Class 12 managements documents will be used a reference and training material for internal EnMS activities;
  3. Enms-doc.wiki50001 is basically a good software package to guide a beginner like me to fulfil the requirements of ISO50001 in TenCate Malaysia. If our top management is agreeable to the adoption of this software package then it will definitely simplify and make effective the EnMS implementation in Tencate Malaysia;
  4. For me, the practical energy monitoring will be a no cost or low cost investment to collect the energy data daily from existing energy meters and also to install a no. of strategically-installed energy meters c/w data logging software which are subjected to the constraints of budget allocation. To manage the current EnMS operations, we need EnMS committee members + SEP team to help to identify and implement energy conservation activities (minimize/eliminate energy wastage), by start checking at the energy efficiency of all big energy consuming equipments, promoting/increasing human energy saving awareness up to optimising energy performance in all processes;
  5. I had a short briefing about the EnMS workshop outcome to the top management of TenCate Malaysia recently and they wanted me firstly to manage well all existing maintenance activities and engineering projects which are core activities to TenCate manufacturing division. In principle, they like the ISO50001 EnMS but they do not wish to over burden any company staff involved. It must be simple and practical to be implemented. Also, they wish to see the results of energy conservation activities to reduce the company energy cost consistently by next 1 year before seriously going into formally ISO50001 implementation.
I hope the above inputs are useful to you.
Thank you and best wishes to all of you.

♣ Chew, Hock San – KJM Aluminium Can Sdn Bhd.

Mr Nobby
It was a pleasure to know you and Ir Lam.
Before attending the training, I was preparing myself for a bored 3 days training.
As most of ISO training were always focusing on explaining each clauses of the standard, its requirements, and participant will then be required to prepare examples of SOP & etc.
But to my surprise, your approach is totally anew. Sample of documents were provided, and focus were more on data analysis.
My comments on the five statement:

  • What was your impression or evaluation regarding "y=ax+b" EnPI and how you plan to apply the EnPI for your organisation?
  • The equation is very simple, and could provide useful information previously not noted.
    As in KJM operations, our output had been increasing, the electricity cost were within budget, so we accepted it is in order.
    But after applying the equation, it opens to many question yet unanswered - are we controlling it ?
    I believe the equation could provide actual picture on the effective energy management, and I will have it include as review items in monthly management meeting in the near future.
  • How are you going to utilise the ISO 50001 Class 12 management documents received in the workshop?
  • The documents could be easily adapted and adopted to reflect our operations.
    As a start, I plan to use it for in-house training to my team and later company wide.
  • What was your impression or evaluation regarding enms-doc.wiki50001 after operating the system?
  • I could say it is a very comprehensive DIY guide, any parties interested to have a documented EnMS could just use it to adapt to their operations.
    However, my personal thoughts is that you may see local management (Asian) feeling jittery to put their operations details under 3rd parties documentation controls.
    It may be more receptive to the management only a system documentation if vital operation data are not published.
  • What is your idea for the practical energy monitoring and procedure for the current EnMS operation?
  • We had a committee to review energy usage previously, but died off naturally as not many were interested and related to higher consumption to production output & etc.
    To kick start, a “no investment” approach which shows results will convince the need on monitoring. Thus only after having EnPI analysed, I will try to buy in the team.
  • How would you communicate the outcome of the workshop to your top management?
  • I was hoping the EnPI will provide some hindsight of potential savings, and I will present it during coming management meeting which could then ne escalate to top management.
    I believe the top management will be interested to prepare for impending energy cost increases:- Natural Gas are very heavily subsidizes in Malaysia
    Government had previously announced that Electricity tariff every 6 months for next 2 years or so; in line with Government Transformation Programme
    Last but not least, thank you for your knowledge sharing and kind assistance.
    Thank you & warmest regards.

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