EnMS Solution Software Case study:
      Would Japanese energy users use non-Japanese EnMS solution software?

This is why we want to introduce the TEAM Sigma solution into Japan

Firstly, think about your business. Secondly, think about the final destination of your products or services and life cycle. You will then realise that it is too risky to focus your business only on domestic matters if sustainablity is to be pursued.
This is why we promote the use of overseas softwares to Japanese energy users as an attractive option.

The purpose of employing the right software solution is not only to meet business requirements, but is to gain knowledge from the software vendor about its business background and philosophy. It is sensible to form a working partnership with the software developer to ensure your business output is in conformance with the requirements throughout the supply chain. This is the ultimate benefit of using the right software in providing your business with a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Whilst there are many EnMS software tools available, few provide an integrated and comprehensive suite of functionality, scalable to service global enterprise.
Therefore we are fortunate to encounter the powerful EnMS software suite TEAM Sigma, incorporating Monitoring &Targetting (M&T) functionality developed by TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd.) of the U.K.

TEAM Sigma features functions including regression and CUSUM analysis techniques, the software also provides extensive choice of "Reporting and Analysis", "Sharing information", "Query Management", "Exception Management" with useful modules such as "Carbon footprint", “Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) billing for utilities “, “Measurement and Verification”, “Project Modelling”, "Tenant Billing", "Web Dashboards and Digital Signage Solutions", etc. These useful functions also contribute toward improving business efficiency by automating routine, manual tasks.
TEAM Sigma complies with the guideline, established by the ECA Energy Technology Criteria List 2009 "Automatic Monitoring and Targeting Equipment"(EEEL) in the U.K. In particular, it conforms to the criteria detailed within the EEEL requirements for, Analytical Software (i.e.advanced Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) Software).

More than anything... what attracts us the most is that the TEAM Sigma takes a human centered approach. It is not only supports the local language but also recognise the local culture to ensure users make full use of the functionality. This enables users to take proactive approach in sharing the important and useful information globally. TEAM's expertise and global thinking are fully integrated in the software suite to deliver Internationally established techniques and standards in a manner consistent with the local market.
TEAM Sigma places priority on all energy users and is thus an extremely economical solution we believe will satisfy all the stakeholders involved in the use of the software suite. For TEAM Sigma Feature/Function/Benefit statements and free download "Data Analysis Techniques Using Sigma"...

TEAM also offers a Wiki based Framework for ISO 50001 compliance that provides a paperless EnMS Document Management System, wiki50001.

wiki50001 can revolutionize the paperless document managemant system for users willing to use an open source solution.wiki50001 sample pages...

EnMS-Doc solution in compliance with ISO 50001

By taking up the EnMS Solution Software Suite and wiki50001, the key EnMS documents as indicated below will perform to their fullest ability in achieving energy performance improvement with the EnMS best practice.
Most of the documents listed above are available from our menu a la carte page...

Available Free Download

"Practical Guide to ISO 50001 Energy Management System"
Purpose of this presentation is to provide a summary of "EnMS Charter", the highest level document in EnMS.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Energy Monitoring


EnMS Audit Scorecard on the move...

EnMS Audit Scorecard is to understand the effectiveness of EnMS operation together with gaining appreciation of the essence in the ISO 50001 International Standard.
For introductory purpose, we have created a complimentary download material "Welcome to a Magnificent World of EnMS Auditing" to provide better understanding of our EnMS Scorecard.
The 38 slides presentation highlighted with:
• Introduction
• EnMS Audit Consideration
• EnMS Audit flow using the scorecard
• How to use the EnMS Scorecard
• SEP Pathways and Best Practice Scorecard Overview
• Energy Performance Improvement Quantitative Assessment
• Benefit statement

An important message from the content of ISO 50001

For the person(s) responsible for leading the EnMS operation, ISO 50001 is very useful global standard. Reasons can be the followings:

(1)  The prime purpose of energy management is to continual improvement of energy performance, and if the system is valid,
      it automatically complies to ISO 50001 standard, and therefore principally it provides "self certification" framework.

(2)  Since it is the international standard, it provide the system to quantify and verify the energy performance improvement at
      the universal scale no matter where your business units are located globally or locally.                   

(3)  Person(s) responsible for leading the EnMS operation has the role and responsibility to create and maintain the
      management documents including "EmNS Charter" to ensure the operation is ISO 50001 compatible, and so the
      organization is comfortable in self certifying.


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Our mission #1

To provide guidebooks for ISO 50001 related documents which also serve as template for creating document

Our mission #2

To broaden association with organisation or individual involving EnMS in compliance with ISO 50001

Home pages we follow

We are closely following the development of the UK leading EnMS solution software.

Open source economic paperless EnMS operation tool is very useful to utilise our documents.

We are following the progress of the SEP programs promoted by USCEEM.

We are keeping our eyes on the GSEP development under the CEM

We learn a lot from this ISO dedicated publisher website
(only in Japanese)。

We benefit a lot from real time information blog pages provided by Mr. Nakao (only in Jaoanese)

Permission to use extracts from ISO 50001 was provided by Standards Council of Canada. No further reproduction is permitted without prior written approval from Standards Council of Canada.