EnMS Audit Scorecard

Document name: EnMS Audit Scorecard
Feature: For conducting EnMS audit, EnMS Audit Scorecard was developed to demonstrate quantitative, clear-cut and transparent assessment by auditors and performance verifiers. The scorecard uses Microsoft excel sheets to consolidate assessed data that eventually transform to rating of a scale of 0 to 100% or 0 to 100 points.:

- It uses a virtual organisation as a model, so the scorecard provides typical audit
  question statement per each requirement for user's reference.
- The scorecard system come with user friendly "EnMS Audit Scorecard User's
  Guide" for a quick reference to use the scorecard to an optimum scale.
Function: Each EnMS Audit scorecard file contain 8 sheets. (4.1 Gen.Assessment; 4.2 Mgmt Resp; 4.3 Energy Policy; 4.4 Energy Planning; 4.5 Implementation; 4.6 Performance; 4.7 Management review; and Document Rating) This scorecard is to score each prepared questions in line with ISO 50001 EnMS requirements with 0-10 point scale. Completing the scoring, it will derive to 0 – 100% rating for the following three aspects.
- Overall Final Rating in terms of “Operational performance by auditee” 
- Overall Final Rating in terms of “Document handling by auditee” 
- Overall Final Rating in terms of “Key document quality” 
Benefit Benefit of the scorecard is to enable the objective of EnMS audit having the ISO50001 requirements as a baseline for the organisation to:
-  Improve efficiency of the audit activity
-  Have quantitative assessment to review the level of EnMS operation
-  Have transparency of the assossor evaluation with auditee
-  With dual quantitative assessment systems (EnMS Audit Scorecard and SEP
   Best Practice Scorecard), they ensure reliable scoring result with both side
   checking to each other. With the scorecard, organisation internally can assess
   their level of EnMS operation to SEP's "Silver", "Gold" and "Platinum" enabling
   benchmarking the EnMS operational and energy performance with others.
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Sample view of Scorecard (1)

Sample view of Scorecard (2)

Sample view of Scorecard (3)

Sample view of SEP Best Practice Scorecard (4)

Permission to use extracts from ISO 50001 was provided by Standards Council of Canada. No further reproduction is permitted without prior written approval from Standards Council of Canada.