After our workshop conducted in April being a big success and producing a sensation, the workshop is back...responding to sustainability business operators"

Antris Management Solutions together with its Energy Management System (EnMS) Practitioner partner EnMS-Doc Associates is hosting a 3-day EnMS Workshop 25-27 September at Jupiter II, Level 3, Furama RiverFront 405 Havelock Road Singapore 169633.


We are Sustainability Business Development Consultant!!

The workshop is not only to provide know-how about EnMS (ISO 50001) itself...This is an easy part

The workshop is about how you utilise EnMS to develop your organisation's sustainability business...

It specifically means to establish together with you how to make your organisation taking energy efficient initiative would not only improve your profit significantly but also to make:

  • Your business efficient and forward going.
  • Your workforce skill leaps upward.
  • Your quality level firms up.
  • Your organisation safety standard is secured.
  • Your organisation documentation process improves and becomes more useful.
  • Design of your products and services will be energy friendly thus becoming competitive.
  • Your customers become more sustainability minded gaining higher satisfaction from your business outputs.
  • Your suppliers become more sustainability conscious accelerating your sustainability drive to ensuring your achieving objectives.
  • Communication between your top management and workforce will be improve vastly to make your organisation active and productive.
  • External communication with key stakeholders is enhanced to demonstrate the superiority of your company business status.
  • Your corporate ranking goes on your favour

ISO 50001 objective first is not to get certification...

First is to take advantage of the ISO 50001 superior guideline to make your business absolute energy efficient operation without having to spend initial investment to take business advantages.

This is an ultimate and practical workshop for your organisation... capitalise in implementing the most efficient energy management system complying to ISO 50001 International Standard for Energy Management. (If you are interested. please download the workshop syllabus from here)

Workshop Agenda:


For registration procedure, please visit this page.
Workshop Participation Fee:
         Early bird fee: (Pay before 31st August);    SGD 1,850.00
                          Group discount (three or more) SGD 1,650.00
         Normal Fee: (Pay after 1st September);    SGD 2,250.00
                          Group discount (three or more) SGD 1,950.00

This workshop is different from others

It is a consulting workshop to provide solutions to the participants and their representing organisation.

Therefore it is highly interactive and we have to limit the registration to 25 enrollments.

This workshop delivers much more than what you may think:

  • We talk with you to come up with al least 10% energy use reduction requiring no/very low capital spending.
  • We place emphasis on the importance of the top management involvement
  • We place emphasis on the importance of the "Energy Review" but not only the technical energy audit that some ESCO players tend to do but we also cover identifying energy efficiency opportunities in your organisation from the operational aspects (requiring no capital spending) as well as coming up with ideal energy monitoring system for your organisation
  • We provide ready-made ISO 50001 class documentation that with the 12 key documents you receive (market value S$240) will already cover 70% of the documentation coverage for your organisation to be ISO 50001 Class. The beauty of these documents are with these in place, your existing documents such as SOP, guidelines and records will be upgraded to ISO 50001 Class automatically.

    For more nformaton please visit...

  • We place emphasis on the importance of "Energy Monitoring System and Proper procedure" foocussing not only the metering and data processing method but placing priority on the proper prcedure best fit for your oraganisation reflecting the existing operation.
  • We will propose the most simple and powerful Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI) using regression methodology for baseline, target and saving verification.

    If you are interested, you are welcome to download related material
  • We provide innovative EnMS Audit Scorecard System (market value S$180) designed for your organisation to quickly adapt in implementing internal audit and to fully prepared for the third party audit while gaining the in-depth knowledge of EnMS operation
  • We will demonstrate Mediawiki framwork EnMS Operating & Documentation System, an economical operation tool for organisation to efficiently implement, communicate, educate EnMS operation as well to conduct user controlled audit activities
  • After the workshop we will issue a workshop report address to the participants' top management and superior for the purpose of ensuring the participants skill is acknowledged and to be appreciated without their leadership the EnMS operation would not be efficient and effective.

By completing the 3-day workshop, participants will gain the superior position in the representing organisation to lead EnMS operation!!

  1. Participants will become the most knowledgeable person establishing ISO 50001 class EnMS operation in their organisation
  2. Participants will gain the knowledge of becoming the a leader to implement and maintain EnMS operation
  3. Participants will become capable of verify energy saving of their organisation quantitatively (EnPI)
  4. Participants will possess the key management documents enable their organisation adapting to ISO 50001 Class Documentation
  5. Participants will possess innovative Audit scorecard system to implement effective and transparent EnMS audit in their organisation
  6. Participants will will able to lead and train continual performance improvement process for their organisation
  7. Participants and we will establish a valuable partnership to reach solutions for your company’s Sustainability Business Development

Workshop Agenda

Our mission #1

To broaden association with energy users through ISO 50001 Class EnMS

Our mission #2

To guide energy users to impllement ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation

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