The “guidebook + template in one” concept: The guidebook is in line with ISO 50001 EnMS configuration in the word file format. The guidebook also can be arranged by users to their preferred contents and style serving as a template. The user generated document automatically will meet the compliance status to ISO 500001 provided that the essence of the configuration is maintained.

The “guidebook+t in one” documents were designed to provide following features:

  • You can delete, add, modify, correct, improve the document any way you want to come up with your own original document that will at least comply with ISO 50001.
  • Each guidebook works with virtual business operation to demonstrate examples of potential output in real terms thus when using this document as a reference to establish your own document, it provides you to visualise and appreciate the essence of the EnMS operation as though you are a part of the organisation having good insight into how the document is actually used in EnMS operation.
  • Each document contains many useful tools, methods and techniques with examples that are essential elements to pursue energy performance improvement in EnMS operation.
  • The documents were originally designed for energy user organisations, persons responsible for managing the energy management system (EnMS) operation or persons responsible for or acting as administrator to EnMS documents. The documents are also ideal for suppliers or venders using them as a sales tool in developing discussions with energy users. The documents can also refresh ideas for people of consulting professionals and for people pursuing the lead auditor role.

Here is a list of key documents forming a framework for EnMS documentation that enables proper management of operations. We have established "guidebook+t in one" for key documents in the EnMS operation.

The first and the most important document is "EnMS Charter" that sets the direction of EnMS operation. The EnMS charter defines the guidelines and provisions needed to conduct EnMS compliant operations, and guides the organisation to perform business in the most energy efficient way while conforming to ISO 50001.

  • EnMS Charter (Guidebook+t in one: "EnMS Charter")
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The second important document controls the documents relating to the EnMS operation. This document defines the fundamental requirements for establishing, validating, handling, maintaining and withdrawing the document at the time of retirement. For this we have designed a template we call the "EnMS Document Management Guideline".

  • Document Management Guideline(Guidebook+t in one: "EnMS Document Management Guideline")
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With those two leading documents established, following key documents will come to alive in EnMS:

  • Energy Policy (Sample version: "EnMS Energy Policy")Learn more...
  • Document of reviewing the energy situation (Guidebook+t in one: "EnMS Energy Review Report")
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  • Document defining action plan (Guidebook+t in one: "EnMS Action Plan")
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  • Document defining training (Guidebook+t in one: "EnMS Training Plan")
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  • Document defining communication method (Guidebook+t in one: "EnMS Communication Guideline")
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  • Document defining guideline for procurement (Guidebook+t in one: "EnMS Lean Energy Procurement Guideline")
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  • Document defining method of energy monitoring (Guidebook+t in one: "EnMS Monitoring & Action Guideline")
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  • Document updating legal and requirements compliance status (Guidebook+t in one: "EnMS Legal & Requirements Compliance Status Report")
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  • Document defining method and plan for audit activities (Guidebook+t in one: "EnMS Audit Plan")
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  • Document defining method and procedure for nonconformities, correction, corrective, and preventive action (Guidebook+t in one: "EnMS Continual Improvement Guideline")
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Additionally, attractive documents and tools related to EnMS audit are standing by

Guideline document aiming to execute EnMS audit effectively and efficiently

  • Guiding the internal audit more effective and meaningful than the external audit(Guidebook+t in one: ""EnMS Audit Guideline")
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Scorecard system aims for quantitative, clear-cut and transparent assessment by auditors in EnMS audit activities

  • Quantitative assessment tool to make EnMS audit impartial and transparent(Guidebook+t in one: ""EnMS Audit Scorecard" ")
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