Yamanouchi Noboru (Nobby)

EnMS-Doc Associates
Energy management system specialist
EnMS Documentation template author

- Responsibilities and tasks -

  • Sustainable Business Development in the field of Energy and Environmental Management
  • Consultant: Energy Management System compliance to ISO50001
  • EnMS "Guidebook+template in one" author for the documentation in line with ISO50001
            (For your reference, Nobby's C.V. is at your disposal.)

Bayu Darmawan

Antris Management Solutions
Principal Consultant
Lead auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001, TL 9001 and PAS 99 management systems

- Responsibilities and tasks -

  • Provide management systems’ consultancy and training
  • Represent Certification Body to conduct management systems audits at companies of various manufacturing and service sectors
  • Provide consultancy on key Management Systems with integrated comformity perspective of ISO 50001

We sincerely look forward to gaining your confidence level in our motives of providenging EnMS solution for the purpose of enhancing operation and improving energy performance in your organisation. Sustainable Business Development in the field of EnMS is our business objective.

Sincerely yours,

Bayu Darmawan
Principal Consultant
Antris Management Solutions

P.S. For your reference, please visit our company page., and also my C.V. is at your disposal.

We can assist you to implement ISO 50001 Class Energy Management System (EnMS) operation in your organisation...

that would...
improve your energy performance improvement by on average more than 10 % at no-low investment,
that would...
reduce your energy cost by on average more than 10 %.

Our current feature offering is:

Build up your organisation to ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation in 3 months (Consulting work)...
In general, we provide:
  1. EnMS introduction orientation and preparation
  2. Energy Review
  3. Hand over ready to adopt ISO 50001 Class documentation
  4. Implement key necessary trainings to your organisation
  5. Application of paperless EnMS Operating System for efficient EnMS operation and implementation (optional)
  6. EnMS audit and gap analysis
  7. Guiding improvement action to fill up the gap
  8. Post implementation assistance and consultancy

If you are interested, please contact:
Antris Management Solutions
Bayu Darmawan
Principal Consultant
m +65 90400166
e Email: darmawan_bayu@singnet.com.sg
w www.enms-doc.com/antris
Skype ID: bayudarmawan

Our business includes:

Our mission #1

To broaden association with energy users through ISO 50001 Class EnMS

Our mission #2

To guide energy users to impllement ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation

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We are energy TEAM's services partner in designated contries for M&V enhancement promotion.

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"All 12 documents in a set" Economical price on sale making ISO 50001 "self declaration" within reach.

Home pages we follow

Helping companies wanting to explore Japanese market with an objective of susatainablility business development.

We are closely following the development of the UK leading EnMS solution software.

Open source economic paperless EnMS operating system is very useful to make full use of our EnMS management documents.

We are following EnMS and Sustainability progress in Ireland thru SEAI.

We are following the progress of the SEP programs promoted by USCEEM.

We are keeping our eyes on the GSEP development under the CEM

We learn a lot from this ISO dedicated publisher website
(only in Japanese)。

We benefit a lot from real time information blog pages provided by Mr. Nakao (only in Jaoanese)

Permission to use extracts from ISO 50001 was provided by Standards Council of Canada. No further reproduction is permitted without prior written approval from Standards Council of Canada.