EnMS 監査計画書


Template name: EnMS Audit Plan
Feature: This 36-page template provides useful audit concept and planning process positioning to ensure conformity to the ISO 50001 as the minimum requirements and has the following features:

- Assess EnMS operation conforming to the company's EnMS standard.
- Assess EnMS operation conforming to ISO 50001 requirement.
- To build up confidence level to obtain ISO 50001 certification, positioning as the certification audit rehearsal.
- Identify areas to further improve (continuous improvement activity).
- Build up company-wide awareness for achieving the objectives of EnMS operation.
- Improve competency of the internal auditors by performing the combined first and third party auditors.
Function: "EnMS Audit Plan" in this document is to plan and define action items to implement EnMS audit activities. The EnMS audit in this document is to run by the company's internal lead auditors with a team of third party auditor acting as advisor throughout the activities so that the audit process is similar to how is conducted by third party auditors.
Benefit The audit plan based on a virtual organisation demonstrates audit process with actuality. Going through the template, you will distinctively be able to differentiate ISO 50001 audit process from others.

Additionally, you will be encountered with a useful tool "EnMS Audit Score Card" that aims to quantitatively measure and evaluate the EnMS operational intensity as the result of audit activities.
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Permission to use extracts from ISO 50001 was provided by Standards Council of Canada. No further reproduction is permitted without prior written approval from Standards Council of Canada.