EnMS 法的その他の要求事項適合性現状報告書


Template name: EnMS Legal & Requirements Compliance Status Report
Feature: This 15-page template is a rolling reporting system to stay touch with the updated situation that can be used for dual purposes, one as a report function and the other as a monitoring tool to keep eyes on updated situation on legal and other requirements. By taking control of the version number of the documents, the administrator ensures the organisation operating EnMS under the conformity to all applicable legal and other requirements.
Function: "LRC Status Report" in this document serves following purposes.

- Provides access to the list of legal and other requirements to which the company subscribes pertaining to significant energy uses
- Provides information on the most updated version of the requirements
- Provides summarised references to key clauses or sub-clauses of the requirements in which EnMS operation has to place utmost attention for the conformity
- Provides compliance status to which EnMS operation can stay alert in taking action.
- Provides recommended action in order to for EnMS operation to stay ahead of compliance concerns
- Used as review material for each management review
The contents of this document have to be coherent to the contents of "EnMS Charter" throughout the EnMS operation.
Benefit You are exposed to one of the methods for the organisation to be constantly aware of the updated information and situation of legal and other requirements pertaining to significant energy use, the company has defined. Using the template will save your time in creating one from scratch.
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