The biggest issue in promoting EnMS is the word "Energy"

Nothing in the world requires a right set of mind more than pursuing performance improvement.

This is because the nice word "improvement" requires identifying "issues" and "problems". Whenever facing "issues" or "problems", many prefer to take the "status quo". Energy is a living creature requiring daily improvement and change. From the experience of promoting EnMS in various business operators, you encounter a very peculiar situation in which many in the organisation tend to segregate "energy" from daily business operations.

  • Many are falsely convinced that energy is a matter of the utility facility department.
  • Many are falsely convinced EnMS will increase their workload therefore increasing cost.
  • Many are falsely convinced that even a slight loosening of tap that a child can fix should be fixed by maintenance people by rule.
  • Many are falsely convinced that EnMS in daily operations is to simply switch off lights at lunch time by office workers.
  • Many are falsely convinced that energy cost is so little compared to the revenue amount and therefore energy matters are low on their top management’s priority.
  • Many are falsely convinced that "Energy" is a technical matter so an energy manager should have engineering degree.
Two things are being overlooked.
The most important energy in energy management system is named "PEOPLE".
No one can run a business without the performance of energy, including workers.
So I am tempted to call it a "Business Management System (BnMS)" rather than "Energy management System (EnMS)".


"Documentation is the key to effective and sustainable operation of EnMS" says ISO 50001

Strong documentation, a foundation to successful EnMS operations.

The heart of the ISO 50001 class is to qualify that you have thoroughly documented organizational processes, and that organisation’s workers actually do things in the way that was documented. This means the documentation plays one of the most important roles in ensuring an organisation's "continual performance improvement" resulting from EnMS operations. Establishing sound documents and the proper control of documents are essential in order to maintain, communicate and further improve the management systems with all people involved. The guideline and provisions defined in EnMS Manual (EnMS Charter) should address proper handling of documents including defined structure and procedures as EnMS documentation.

Free "EnMS Management Document User's Guide" is available for your reference


 EnMS Management Document User's Guide

EEnMS-Doc specialises in EnMS documentation. We offer "guidebook + templates in one" as well as creating and developing documentation systems tailored to the energy user organisation. Since the time ISO 50001 was launched (June, 2011), we have made templates for the key documents that should be at least prepared by an organisation considering ISO 50001 self-declaration or certification. We have prepared introductory information package for the familiarisation of ISO 50001 and why the documentation is so important. Those of you who are interested please download

Reference page...

Available Free Download

 Data Free Download: EnMS Management Document User's Guide
"Practical Guide to ISO 50001 Energy Management System"
The summary of "EnMS Charter", the highest level document in EnMS.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Energy Monitoring
Welcome to a Magnificent World of EnMS Audit with Scorecard System;
TEAM Sigma "EnMS Solution Software Suite" Data Analysis Techniques
Practical Guide to ISO 50001 Self-Declaration
Practical Guide to Energy Review Process and Expected Results
How to set EnPI (y=ax+b) SEC Regression Analysis

Introduction to
RENKEI Control Concept
Introduction to the wiki50001 Asia-Pacific Version
EnMS, Top Management Involvement is a must

Introduction to Lean Energy (EnMS) Procurement


Working together with Chiyoda System Technologies Corporation

We are pleased to announce the partnership formation with Chiyoda System Technologies Corporation (hereinafter refer to as “CST”, President: Hiroyuki Nakasone).

Built on Chiyoda’s leading position in EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and Operation and Maintenance (OM) services combining with IT engineering capability, CST’s mission is while continuing and advancing existing businesses based on the application of technology, it utilises its technology superiority to pursue business in the fields of Energy and Social Infrastructure. Before committing clients for investment, CST believes clients should be operating under energy efficient environment. CST therefore recognises the value of ISO 50001 Class Energy Management Systems in which the system offers powerful tool for clients to improve energy performance initially with minimal capital expenditure. This is where CST and EnMS-Doc found the mutual interest: CST values EnMS-Doc’s ISO 50001 Class EnMS expertise and EnMS-Doc values CST’s capability to provide wide range of technical solutions to clients once implementing EnMS. CST particularly was interested in EnMS-DOC’s capability to extend the consulting work beyond Japan in the global scene as well as the extensive coverage of the ISO 50001 Class EnMS documentation in both Japanese and English.

With the partnership with CST, we expect to have extensive activities in Japan, and more direct interfacing with energy users. This does not mean we would reduce our attention in our website activities. As a matter of fact we think by having more direct interface with energy users, our website contents will be enhanced and more active.
We ask your contnuing support to our website.
For the occasion, we have revised our company profile.
...For those interested, kindly please download here (pdf)


One of the strengths of CST is that it does not own products. CST under the neutral position arranges highest technology and services available for the best of clients’ interests on a global scale.

Traditionally CST's business strengths are in designing (engineering) and procurement in coming up with the highest standard system including construction and implementation work. CST then could team up with clients to follow through operation-maintenance-retirement, the system and business life cycle solution for the clients. New additional program CST's offer is by partnering with EnMS-Doc providing support and services for clients to implement effective EnMS operation. This would enhance operation by integrating optimisation in the existing system through operational, technical and measurement/verification aspects. Ultimate objective in working with EnMS operation is to work with clients pursuing business development through sustainability by ensuring “continual performance improvement” procedure is part of their daily business operation.
We are not done with mere recommendations by consultation. Our belief is we work closely with clients to act immediately on positive action items and come up with timely solution. This is the mutual strategy established between CST and EnMS-Doc.

eLearning: "Energy Management Foundation Training"

Now available from Leonardo Academy


For registration, please visit the following URL:

EnMS-Doc Associates Business Overview (The services we provide)

EnMS related consultation services

- Guiding the organisation qualified to "ISO 50001 Self-Declaration" in one month ...Consulting service overview leaflet (pdf)
- EnMS operational management activities
- EnMS Monitoring & Action related activities
- EnMS audit related activities

EnMS related documentation services

- Series of EnMS management documents "guidebook + template in one" ..."EnMS key 12 documents in a set" leaflet (pdf)
- EnMS Audit Scorecard View scorecard sheet sample...
- Design, create EnMS related documents tailored to the organisation requirements

EnMS related education services

- In-house EnMS related management workshop
- Intensive training for energy manager
- In-house EnMS related training session
- Creation of on-line traning material

Other EnMS related services

- Event coordination such as seminars, conferences on global scale
- EnMS related "Business Discovery Tour" coordination
- EnMS related translation works (English/Japanese)

Partnership in the EnMS related business

- Introduction of EnMS related products and services
- EnMS related liaison operation
- EnMS related business representative


Availability of "ISO 50001 Certified Comapany and Site List (March 2013 Version)"

From one of discussions in the LinkedIn ISO 50001 related group, we were fortunate to find out about the existence of ISO 50001 Certification Site list published by German Federal Environment Agency...full story...

Inauguration of ISO 50001-League-Malaysia

"Energy User League of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration-Malaysia" (The League-Malaysia)

Lesson from ISO 22000...Tasteful Top Management can make things different

The chief chef of French restaurand "Chez Ken" and CEO of the food factory to supply the cousine throughout Japan spoke about how he overcame the challenge of maitaining the original taste of roast beef while complying to the safety standard. The spirit is what we need to establish ISO 50001 class EnMS operation from the top managements...full story...

Competent EnMS operation with solid documentation leads the organisation to ISO 50001 conformity and voluntarily declare its compliance. The organisation then can decide if the certification is strategically beneficial for their business. 

We still see a lot of attentions being placed on certification when ISO 50001, International Standard for Energy Management System (EnMS) is talked about. On the other hand seldom we hear about the importance of documentation that forms the fundamental part of enhancing EnMS operation conforming to the ISO 50001 requirements. Full story...

2nd International Conference on the Global impact of Energy Management Systems “Creating the right environment for ISO 50001 to thrive”- Dublin, Ireland   Read more...

Introducing EnMS audit guideline and a related tool...Learn more...

U.S.A going a step ahead of ISO with SEP... Going for capturing the "essence" and freeing from certification pressure...
U.S.A. ISO/TC242 expert speaks to Japanese ISO dedicated magazine "ISOS"Learn more...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Energy Monitoring...Learn more...

The reason why we want to endorse ISO 50001 self-declaration...Learn more...

It is important to continuously re-visit the real purpose of ISO 50001: energy performance improvementSo then, how do you proceed with the ISO 50001 EnMS operation?...

DOE Announces Up To $3 Million to Administer Superior Energy Performance Program... ...For the full story, please visit DOE site/ EERE News/Progress Alerts page

Documentation is very important in EnMS operation and for the ISO 50001 certification...Learn more...

ISO 50001 is to eliminate ISO-lation...Learn more...

"Welcome ISO 50001"Learn more...

Back Issue Front Pages

Welcome ISO 50001...(Front page: Jun.-Nov.,2011 edition)View page...

  1. Expressing the utmost respect to the ISO organization, PC242 and associated members involved in launching the standard as a result of their invaluable inputs with their time and effort.
  2. Documentation is very important in EnMS operation and for the ISO 50001 certification...
  3. ISO 50001 is to eliminate ISO-lation...

Hello ISO 50001...(Front page: Dec.,2011 edition)View page...

  1. Season's Greetings 2011
  2. re-visiting the real purpose of ISO 50001...

Happy New Year 2012 (Front page: Jan.,2012 edition)View page...

  1. The year of the EnMS Power that enhances the business output...
  2. An important message from the content of ISO 50001

2012 the year of "energy management" powerEnMS Power [2012 resolution]...(Front page: Jan.-Feb.,2012 edition)View page...

  • 2012 resolution...
    • Energy management leadership role and responsibility: attentiveness to the global scene
    • Energy management in the scope of supply chain: Cannot avoid global perspectives
    • ISO 50001 : Way to establishing system for self-certification (self-declaration) in alleviating for many energy users feeling certification work and economic load is becoming a high burden (ISO 50001 is for performance over conformance)

News from DOE (Front page: Feb.-Mar.,2012 edition)View page...

  • [DOE Announces Up To $3 Million to Administer Superior Energy Performance Program]...

Energy Management Partnership...(Front page: Mar.,2012 edition)View page...

  • The reason why we want to endorse ISO 50001 self-declaration

Welcome to the wonderful world of Energy Monitoring... (Front page: Mar.,2012 edition)View page...

  1. For those of you in charge of energy management operation...

U.S.A going a step ahead of ISO with SEP...(Front page: Mar.-Apr.,2012 edition)View page...
Going for capturing the "essence" and freeing from certification pressure...

  1. U.S.A. ISO/TC242 expert speaks to Japanese ISO dedicated magazine "ISOS"
  2. GSEP Introduction
  3. "Business Continuity vs. Energy" Management System

EnMS Audit with Scorecard System (Front page: Apr.,2012 edition)View page...

  • EnMS Audit Guideline utilising the original Scorecard System incorporating the SEP Best Practice concept

EnMS Audit Scorecard on the move...(Front page: Apr.,2012 edition)View page...

  1. Introducing EnMS Audit Guideline document
  2. Introducing EnMS Audit Scorecard System tool

Gloabal TEAM Spirit... (Front page: May.-Jun.,2012 edition)View page...

  1. Importance of monitoring system in EnMS operation
  2. Introducing TEAM Sigma, EnMS Solution Software Suite
  3. Wiki based Framework for ISO 50001 compliance that provides a paperless EnMS Document Management Operating System, wiki50001.

ISO 50001 One Year Anniversary Edition... (Front page: Jun.-Jul.,2012 edition)View page...

  1. Happy birthday ISO 50001!!
  2. 2nd International Conference on the Global impact of Energy Management Systems (hosted by SEAI) "Creating the right environment for ISO 50001 to thrive"- Dublin, Ireland
  3. "EnMS Operation Practical Guide to the ISO 50001 Self-Declaration", new document

Opening Ceremonies of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games:(Front page: Jul.-Sep.,2012 edition)
Demonstrating Energy Management during the Industrial Revolution...View page...

  1. ACEEE ranked Great Britain the most energy efficient nation of world's largest economies
  2. What we saw at the Opening Ceremonies of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games
  3. Japanese Sustainability Business Discovery Mission to the UK

India lights on Energy Management...(Front page: Sep.-Oct.,2012 edition)View page...

  1. Energy management awareness in INDIA
  2. Energy conservation Act 2001 amendment 2010 (INDIA)
  3. "RENKEI Control Guidebook" from Japan introduced first time at "Seminar on Green IT Best Practice" in Dheli, India 31 August

Malaysia to lead ISO 50001 Self-Declaration scheme...(Front page: Oct.-Nov.,2012 edition)View page...

  1. Introducing Malaysia dedicated EnMS pages to our website
  2. 3-day MS ISO 50001 Class EnMS Workshop in Malaysia 25-27 September held in KL, Malaysia
  3. Forming "Energy User Lague of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration, Malaysia" to boost EnMS operation enhancement in Malaysia.
  4. "RENKEI Control Guidebook" now available in English

Shying away from establishing EnMS documentation? (Front page: Nov.-Dec.,2012 edition)View page...

  • Competent EnMS operation with solid documentation leads the organisation to ISO 50001 conformity and voluntarily declare its compliance. The organisation then can decide if the certification is strategically beneficial for their business.

Season's Greetings/2012 year-end (Front page: Dec.,2012 edition)View page...

  • Singapore, here we come...
  • Lesson from ISO 22000...Tasteful Top Management can make things different

Best wishes for the New Year, 2013 (Front page: Jan.,2013 edition)View page...

  • 2013, the year of "Continual Energy Performance Improvement"
  • "EnMS Continual Improvement Guideline" Background and Objective

Inauguration of ISO 50001-League-Malaysia (Front page: Jan-Mar.,2013 edition)View page...

  • "Energy User League of ISO 50001 Self-Declaration-Malaysia" (The League-Malaysia)
  • ISO 50001 Self-Declaration is as good as Certification

Lean Energy Procurement(Front page: Mar-Apr.,2013 edition)View page...

  • Lean Energy (EnMS) Procurement Guideline
  • ISO 50001 requirements and responding documents

"ISO 50001 Certified Comapany and Site List"(Front page: Apr.- May,2013 edition)View page...

  • The list (pdf file) published by NA 172 Normenausschuss Grundlagen des Umweltschutzes(NAGUS)- German Federal Environment Agency can be downloaded
  • For those who wish to have the excel file to do your own analysis, the file is also available

Singapore New Energy Conservation Act and ISO 50001 Workshop Success
(Front page: May- Jun,2013 edition)View page...

Happy Birthday ISO 50001, over 3,000 certified sites after 2 years
(Front page: Jun- Jul,2013 edition)View page...

  • The updated list (May 2013 version pdf file) published by UBA - German Federal Environment Agency can be downloaded
  • ISO 50001 Case Study: SYVEC Corporation
  • Competition case study: Energy management in business

EnMS-Doc Associates setting up an activity base in Singapore
(Front page: Aug - Dec,2013 edition)View page...

  • EnMS-Doc Associates setting up an activity base in Singapore
  • German Page in Japanese: to make aware of activities by The Federal Environment Agency(UmweltBundesAmt=UBA)

Wishing you a Very Happy New Year 2014(Front page: Jan,2014 edition)View page...

  • Featuring "EnMS Solution beyond consulting" as the year 2014 topic
  • Working together with Chiyoda System Technologies Corporation
  • EnMS-DOC could not justify setting a base in Singapore
  • ISO 50001 Certification number had gone over 4,700 at the end of 2013

From EnMS Consulting to Solution Providing Business (Front page: Jan,2014 edition)View page...

  • From EnMS consulting to Solution Providing Business
  • ISO 50001, level of familiarity with Japanese industries only 20%
  • "Reducing" is easier; keeping the best condition after "reduced" is much more difficult

PEOPLE are key element of energy(Front page: Jan-Nov,2015 edition)View page...

  • Innovative EnMS with ISO 50001 Guideline
  • eLearning: "Energy Management Foundation Training"
  • Our recommendation: Not To Obtaining ISO 50001 Certification

Our mission #1

To broaden association globally in promoting energy performance improvement with ISO 50001 Class EnMS.

Our mission #2

To disseminate importance of documentation for proper implementation of ISO 50001 Class EnMS operation.

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